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About Us

We understand that buying a property can be stressful and complicated, which is why we are dedicated to making the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Our mission is to help those who need our help to build and accumulate wealth. Our expertise lies in helping self-employed property investors: Buy to Let, HMO, Portfolio landlords and adverse credit.

We also have a lot of experience with commercial and bridging loans.

At Rich Mummy, we have access to a great pool of lenders giving us the opportunity to solve all manner of problems for our clients.

We have developed a passion for helping first-time buyers and the self-employed to secure and get onto the property ladder. We also get real satisfaction in helping clients with adverse credit.

Have you missed your payment in the last 3 years, defaulted, CCJ, payday loan or debt management? No problem at all. Get in touch today and let’s get it sorted.

Why choose us


Our job is to make things simple for our clients by dealing with the inevitable complications and hurdles that arise throughout the property buying process.


For us, accessibility is about making things easier for all our clients. We have built accessibility into all our processes from the start, ensuring that everybody has unfettered access to our services.


In business there are many priorities – revenue, profitability, market share – at FT Rich Mummy we believe that the only priority is our customer, make the customer happy and success will follow.

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Our clients are saying great things about us...

Alimat Aliyu -

I would highly recommend FT Rich Mummy Ltd, to everyone due to the teams excellent display of professionalism. I was able to have consistent contact with the company throughout the process , to the last day my mortgaged was approved. It took 1 week for the team to get me the mortgage lender after meeting up with the required requirement. 10/10!

Esohe Oaikhena -

It was a quick and seemless process when I used FT Rich Mummy Ltd. I had experience lots of hiccups from other mortgage advisors before meeting her. She made the whole process easy. It was a dream come through to be able to own a mortgage

Damilola Ekundayo -

My husband and I were introduced to FT rich mummy after we thought that it was impossible to get a mortage due to the situation of things. She calmed us down and made the whole thing which seemed like a mountain so little. The journey started and in less than 2 months, she got us an offer. Thanks so much FT Rich Mummy. Was so nice putting our trusts in you and making it a reality.

3TEES' A -

FT Rich Mummy Ltd is a professional mortgage broker that deal with me professionally. This makes my mortgage went smoothly without stress. I will recommend FT Rich Mummy Ltd for all my friends and family.

Budo lala Lala bud -

I had a very positive experience using FT RICH MUMMY to find a suitable mortgage. My advisor Funmilola was courteous, efficient, and exceeded my expectation. She kept me updated throughout the process, and am very happy with the deal i received. Thanks again.

God's Good Heart ministry church -

Ft Rich Mummy has displayed exceptional competence and Ace capabilities. Their hands on approach to things is second to none. Their property market knowledge is world class . With their service, we collected the keys to our new home just today and we couldn't be any happier.

Funkizzle Bepo -

Professional and encouraging all the way, you deserve more than 5 stars. Thank you so much for your patience and encouragement. You made the journey smooth for me. I highly recommend FT Rich Mummy, she’s the best and she’s knows her onions.


We would advise that every person makes a Will during their lifetime. It give you the opportunity to state who you would like to benefit from your estate when you have passed away. You can also appoint executors, guardians and include your funeral wishes.

By making a Will, you are ensuring that your family will be taken care of and making the administration process much simpler.

If you die without a valid Will, you will have died “intestate”. Legislation will then stipulate who takes receipt of your estate. This could result in your spouse, partner or children losing out, and your estate instead passing to people that you would not have chosen.

Things are also more time-consuming and complex when a Will is not in place. This can cause additional stress for your family, at what is already a very difficult time.

Under the Wills Act 1837, in order for a Will to be legally binding it must be:

– made by a person who is 18 years of age or older, and who has their mental capacity;
– in writing; signed by the person making the Will and witnessed by two independent people;
– made of the person’s own volition, without pressure or coercion.

A witness cannot be a beneficiary of the Will, nor married to someone who will benefit. We normally advise that clients use close friends or neighbours as witnesses.

The witnesses are there to confirm that the Will was signed by the testator (the person making the Will), and that they knew what they were doing i.e. they were not under any undue influence or pressure to do so.

“Mirrored” Wills are commonly made by unmarried or married couples. Each person has their own document, but the wishes contained within them will be pretty much identical. For example, a “mirrored” Will may say that a couple want to leave everything to each other first, but then when both of them have passed away, the estate should pass to their children.

This is a term used to describe what assets of yours are left after any gifts, debts, tax funeral costs and other testamentary expenses have been paid.

The remainder of your assets are then distributed to your beneficiaries. This could include: your bank accounts, property and personal possessions.

Your residuary estate does not include things such as jointly owned property or bank accounts. It would also not include pensions or life insurance policies that have been written into trust – you would normally have nominated someone to receive these when you set them up.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to receive any inheritance that you may have been left. Sometimes clients feel that 18 years of age is still too young, and will instead opt for 21 or 25. Where a person is under the age of 18 (or whatever age you have specified), their inheritance would be looked after for them by trustees. The trustees would have the discretion to distribute money to them as and when they see fit. Once the child has attained the age of 18 or older, they will then become responsible for their inheritance and make all the decisions for themselves.

An Executor is someone who deals with the administration of your estate. You will appoint these people in your Will, and they are most likely to be close relatives or friends. For more complicated estates, it is not uncommon for someone to appoint a professional to act as their Executor.

An Executor is responsible for the following:
– Finding your Will;
Locating and valuing your assets;
Paying off any debts that there may be at that time;
Distributing the remainder of your assets (your residuary estate) to your beneficiaries.

A trustee is someone who looks after your property until a given time in the future. For example, where money has been left to a child, and they are unable to inherit until they attain a certain age.

Trustees must act with honesty, and integrity. Their responsibilities include: taking control of trust property, to safeguard such property and to act in the best interests of the beneficiaries.

A guardian is someone that you appoint to look after your child/children if something happens to you whilst they are under the age of 18.

If you pass away leaving young children, and you have not appointed a guardian, it will then become the role of the courts to find someone suitable to care for them. This could mean that someone other than who you would like is appointed to look after them.

No, but it is a good way of letting your executors what kind of funeral you would like. We would recommend that you discuss your preferences with your family too.


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