Home Insurance For Business Owners

Why is home insurance important?

Home insurance is a term that covers different types of insurance for residential properties. Home insurance protects you in the event of damage to the building or burglary of items.

Different types of home insurance

There are two main types of home cover: building insurance and contents’ insurance. For most residential homes, a combination of the two is widely accepted as the norm. Building insurance covers damage repairs to the physical home itself, e.g. leaks, whilst contents’ insurance will cover the cost of replacing stolen items if you were burgled.

If you live in a freehold property, typically in a flat, building insurance may well be included as part of your property charges and you may not need additional building cover. Check your agreement or speak to the property management company to find out more.

Different types of home insurance

Home insurance is something that many of us have and the majority of us need. Having home insurance when you are self-employed can be even more important. Many self-employed people start and continue their businesses from their home, whether it is working in a home office, or using the garage to store products or keeping tools in the shed. If you were broken into or there was damage to the property, your self-employed livelihood could be at stake; without your equipment or product, your income could be compromised.

If you are self-employed you also need to play close attention to the type of cover that is being offered, as some home insurance providers do not cover anything related to business activity. An expert in finding suitable insurance protection for complex situations, such as being self-employed, can help you secure the right level of insurance cover for your home.

Home insurance expert advisers

Our advisers at FT Rich Mummy are specialised in finding home insurance deals for clients, whether self-employed or employed. Our expertise and experience mean we provide quality advice to guide you through the process and find a home insurance deal to suit your needs, affordability, and your property. Booking a consultation is easy… let FT Rich Mummy make it happen for you.

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