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Lasting Power of Attorney

Hope for the best, plan for the worst - if you haven't put your Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, we can help.

Home and Assets Protection

We specialise in helping clients keep the family home in the family; no matter what the future holds.

Wills & Trusts

If you have not yet made your Will, now is the time to act; especially if you have children. Do not leave it until tomorrow.

Home and Assets Protection
Home and Assets Protection

Experts in Protecting Assets

→ Discretionary Trusts
→ Home Protection Trusts
→ Disabled Persons Trusts
→ Right Of Occupation Trusts
→ Life Interest Trusts

With you every step of the way

We work with clients like yourself in a simple three step process.


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We are specialists in Estate planing. Our background in real estate is a testament to our vast knowledge in this field

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